Tuesday, 29 May 2012

3D Particles in Nukex.

I'm working on a simple 3D promo clip which was shot in 20 minutes - 4 passes of a classical guitar piece - filmed before a concert - no time, and little space or room for direction or set build.

I've decided to create some 3D particles and "place" them within the 3D space as background, mid ground and foreground layers. I tested some simple particle files from a 2D source ( Particle Illusion) and, whilst they worked, and you can set the Z depth position, the particles themselves are 2D and therefore appear as a flat "plane" rather like a 2D caption panel positioned in Z. Obvious of course, but often this can work as an intentional effect, but if you want real 3D immersion, then the particles themselves need to be filmed with a Stereoscopic rig and emitted in 3D space.

So, let's look at doing this in Nukex.

Simple Stereoscopic Camera set up using the 
built in Snowbox particle generator.

Settting up this simple stereo rig and choosing the basic IO between the cameras will depend on perceived depth, the size of the source plane and the distance from the cameras to the subject. With an anaglyph viewer node it is easy to check the overall depth of the scene. It is also to be accepted that parallax and convergence can be adjusted in final post. My two cameras look like this:

3D view of cameras looking down and through the
falling snow particles

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