Saturday, 30 June 2012

Here's a little clip I made for Xuefei Yang and EMI Classics. Xuefei is an accomplished classical guitarist, I have had the pleasure to work with many times - you can see her here in 2D on my Vimeo site:

Xufei Yang Rodrigo

Xuefei Yang Bach

Fei recently recorded a Bach album of her own transciptions for guitar, and I suggested we film her playing one of the solo pieces from the album.

The shoot took 20 minutes - not exactly ideal, without lighting or any particular set up, just before a recital in London, with a camera displaying some awkward focal errors. (see earlier blog )

The editing was mostly undertaken using Edius, 3D particles made in Nukex with additional Magic Bullet "Looks" I also created some lighting effects in Particle Illusion which were placed in the background surfaces -

The matte painting is fairly rough, (also in Edius) however, I simply wanted to experiment with depth and mattes, to create a 3D space - some of these images are very compelling.

Personally I really dislike over sharp, shiny images in general, preferring a filmic feel with mushy edges - so going fully against what everyone recommends for stereoscopy, I'm into blurred backgrounds and soft squidgy images - ART - and sod the theorists - 

Xuefei Yang Bach violin concerto in G minor "Presto" 3D

Friday, 29 June 2012

Today,s the day that Edius 6.5 appears, so we are back in the saddle for serious 3D cutting - I'm also waiting for New Blue to update their titler to full Stereoscopic, which they promise to do soon - making it possible to create full depth titles rather than "fake" extruded 3D.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

I just wanted to note the passing of Robin Gibb.  I worked with him last year on his Titanic project -

Although he was best known for his work with the Bee Gee's, he was responsible for writing many more songs than you can imagine, performed by many great artists.

Good vibes to RJ and Dweena.

Paul x.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Here's another groovy track from "50Hz and uP"  - "Gud Shit Man"

Play Track

Strange T Shirts:

     Victorian Divers, Control, X-Ray, Crew Shirt, Banks, Smokin' and LunG

I designed these images for Tee shirts and Shorts - they iron on and last for
about 20 washes - (cold) much longer if you wash little. The designs are about
a quarter A4 or 7"x4" or 18cmx10cm - can make much bigger - 
I found this old case study from Grass Valley -

I look like a madman!!! - but that's about right...

Mediainfo is a great free application to investigate media file properties, I've found it very useful on many occasions, particularly with AVCHD or 3D MVC files allowing you to check data rates, codecs and so on.

Get it here:

Saturday, 9 June 2012

So my NEW SONY TD10 arrived today - guess what? the package has been opened, the cables are not correctly assembled in the box, the remote control plastic bag has been opened, and the box looks tatty.

So, here we go again - looks like I've been sold second hand "as new" - my request for a partial refund has already been sent.


However, the camera appears to function well, no sign of the focus issue, so maybe I will keep it!

Thursday, 7 June 2012


Just be aware of this, whilst most software handling 3D such as Edius, Vegas and of course GoPro Cineform studio editing software will correct for the physical alignment errors between the two cameras, the resolution loss out of the box is quite high - namely 60 lines at 1080.

This was in response to a client measuring the displacements between two GoPro HD Hero cameras with serial numbers from the same batch.

Vertical displacement: 5.56%
Zoom error: 0.05%
Keystone error: 0.21%
Rotational displacement 0.3 degrees

GoPros Response to the measured displacements:
All cameras will naturally have slight differences in the captured image, and is not any manufacturing fault.  There is no way around this.  The GoPro cineform studio editing software will automatically calculate the convergence setting to best suit the recorded files.  With the software further manual adjustment of the horizontal and vertical convergence is also possible.
Alignment is by cineform software and as such a loss of resolution of around 40 lines at 720p and 60 lines at 1080P may be experienced based on the above measurements.