Monday, 21 May 2012

How to Split Stereo MVC files that have been imported by Sony PMB software to seperate left and right channels using Sony CMU.

If you use Sony PMB software to import files from say a TD10 to your edit system, and then find you want to split the files into separate L&R streams, you will find that PMB imported files will appear as "unsupported" in Sony CMU and will be skipped.

I prefer to use Edius to split files, however, CMU is free, so..

1) Open your source file folder, locate each xml file for each clip, they will be named: file number.m2ts.modd - one for each clip. 

2)Rename the extension for each xml file with the extension: file number.cmuprops

3)Now set the default programme to open the xml file as Notepad

4)Now open the first xml file and edit the last string in the file as per the pictures below. All we are adding is CMU 2.0 to the last but one string.
change .m2ts.modd file extension to .cmuprops

add "space CMU space2.0"

should look like this, then save in notepad.
Open CMU software and process away! If you are nervous doing this, save a copy of the original xml extensions.

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