Thursday, 10 May 2012

Damn, Issues with the TD10 - I have a disparity in focus and detail, between the two eyes of the camera. After shooting last week, I've started to post the job, and, after running some AE camera rig tests, I was shocked to see that the right "eye" is seriously out of focus. So here we go, reset the camera, re rerun the 3D auto lens adjust - works pretty much like the EX series of cameras, creating a LUT (look up table) so it knows the focal curve of each lens. Well I simply cannot get it good - the two lens' are behaving differently, so maybe a back focus issue here - looks like a visit to the Sony workshop is due, the camera is 6 months so still in warranty - I also checked turning off the steady shot - no difference there either


These two images are close ups taken from the time line showing what each lens sees at the same time, notice the coding artifacts. If I manually adjust the focus to bring the right lens into focus, the left is then soft. There are also detail differences with the right channel displaying poor, smudgy chroma encoding as well as a softer noise floor - so all in all, the two channels are well out of line.

Also, if I set the manual focus control to full Infinity - everything is soft - not right at all.

P.S I also checked the data rates of the MVC from the camera - both streams are max 28Mbs - seperated right and left streams using Sony CMU are both the same 13.7Mbs so no difference in the stream capabilities at all.

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