Thursday, 3 May 2012

Today I'm installing Adobe Master Collection CS6 to see if the newer versions of PPro and After Effects have anything to add to the CS5.5 versions capabilities.

First up was AE6 - easy install, opens RED files without issue, tested with Sony EX, and whilst the conform takes a little while, it is pretty swift on this host.

Installed a few plugins - NEAT noise reduction works fine, my Matrox MXO2 output unit appears not to work, I'll try and move the drivers from the CS5.5 folders, but I hold out little hope until matrox release CS6 drivers for this handy box. I also have both HD Storm and a Spark card which produce infinitely better quality, Canopus and now GV are very very good in the hardware department, but, GV are awful at offering drivers to allow Photoshop, AE etc to find a path through these excellent cards to your monitor - in fact there are CS4 drivers from Grass Valley, but nothing newer - bummer.

aaah, I see Matrox intend to release new drivers "within a month" of the official Adobe CS6 release date which is end of May 2012 -

I'm starting to search for Stereoscopic goodies in AE....can't find much new, Premiere Pro is MUCH better - playback is very smooth, even compared to Edius which outstrips everything in the real-time stakes, however 3 layers of transparent AVCHD 1080 50i is the max at full resolution monitoring whilst Edius can manage 4 layers for 25 seconds before the really useful "playback buffer" empties - this is all 4 layers, semi transparent with full HD to external monitor. There appears to be no added stereoscopic facilities within PPro CS6 so edius is still KING - even though the trial period has run its course, leaving Vegas to mop up those that need to cut 3D. Well, there is always Power Producer 10 from Cyberlink - utterly awful, unstable and so forth, but it does edit 3D and will burn 3DBD discs (Profile 2)

Back to AE CS6 - the new camera tracker actually works fairly well, considerably quicker and simpler than Nukex, although as ever, the Foundry products are far better appointed, if you can get you head around Nuke and your pocket is deep enough!

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