Monday, 14 May 2012

After rooting around the net I find this issue with the TD10 is pretty common, and that Sony don't appear to have the capacity to re adjust the camera, some report that the engineers are not able to view the right and left outputs and compare them - so having built a stereoscopic camera, they do not have the means to view the output? CRAP.

Still in limbo here, no word from Sony "have they received my camera yet" meanwhile I looked at Joseph's files here: TD 1 clips which are raw files from his JVC TD1 which look very good indeed - 

One must always remember that the "Base View" ( traditionally the left eye ) is the full specification part of the MVC coded file, whilst the right eye is the "Dependent View" which by the nature of MVC coding is relatively "additionally lossy" compared directly to the Base Stream - this shows as softer chroma and luma detail, but will not be responsible for focal errors.

My next question is: "does the Sony HXR-NX3D1E NXCAM Professional 3D Compact Camcorder - which houses the same optics, produce the same poor results?"

Time to get one on test and find out. 

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