Thursday, 7 June 2012


Just be aware of this, whilst most software handling 3D such as Edius, Vegas and of course GoPro Cineform studio editing software will correct for the physical alignment errors between the two cameras, the resolution loss out of the box is quite high - namely 60 lines at 1080.

This was in response to a client measuring the displacements between two GoPro HD Hero cameras with serial numbers from the same batch.

Vertical displacement: 5.56%
Zoom error: 0.05%
Keystone error: 0.21%
Rotational displacement 0.3 degrees

GoPros Response to the measured displacements:
All cameras will naturally have slight differences in the captured image, and is not any manufacturing fault.  There is no way around this.  The GoPro cineform studio editing software will automatically calculate the convergence setting to best suit the recorded files.  With the software further manual adjustment of the horizontal and vertical convergence is also possible.
Alignment is by cineform software and as such a loss of resolution of around 40 lines at 720p and 60 lines at 1080P may be experienced based on the above measurements.

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