Saturday, 30 June 2012

Here's a little clip I made for Xuefei Yang and EMI Classics. Xuefei is an accomplished classical guitarist, I have had the pleasure to work with many times - you can see her here in 2D on my Vimeo site:

Xufei Yang Rodrigo

Xuefei Yang Bach

Fei recently recorded a Bach album of her own transciptions for guitar, and I suggested we film her playing one of the solo pieces from the album.

The shoot took 20 minutes - not exactly ideal, without lighting or any particular set up, just before a recital in London, with a camera displaying some awkward focal errors. (see earlier blog )

The editing was mostly undertaken using Edius, 3D particles made in Nukex with additional Magic Bullet "Looks" I also created some lighting effects in Particle Illusion which were placed in the background surfaces -

The matte painting is fairly rough, (also in Edius) however, I simply wanted to experiment with depth and mattes, to create a 3D space - some of these images are very compelling.

Personally I really dislike over sharp, shiny images in general, preferring a filmic feel with mushy edges - so going fully against what everyone recommends for stereoscopy, I'm into blurred backgrounds and soft squidgy images - ART - and sod the theorists - 

Xuefei Yang Bach violin concerto in G minor "Presto" 3D

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