Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Today is After Effects day, using both Twixtor Pro and Kronos (The Foundry) to experiment further with slo motion effects in 3D. I've seperated an MVC file into left and right eye uncompressed files, then processed in After Effects and re combined for final edit. Geometry needs to be checked at this point too, as the slo-mo effects can add distortion and create unpleasant visual effects.

I'm outputting the files to an industry leading MVC coder and authoring to profile 5 3DBD - these can then be played at the local Megga Store on a variety of players and 3D Cinema TV's - I find this is the best way to analyse results.

The cheapest route today to author 3DBD content is Cyberlink's Power Director 10 - it's not great, not too stable, but produces pretty good Profile 2 discs ( this means dualstream AVCHD on the disc and not MVC files, the bottom line here is the data rates - Profile 5 allows up to 60mbs whilst Profile 2 about 20mbs - so you can see the difference - also the costs are hugely different - Power Director 10 costs $90 or so whilst say, Scenarist BD, is about $30,000 and Cinevision MVC coder around $10,000

Go for Vegas 11 pro and you can edit 3D content too, as well as make a 3DBD but the limitations are the same in terms of data rates. personally, I find the playback issues with Vegas so restricting, especially the poor realtime/ full resolution performance as to render it useless - even on my hugely powered water cooled PC.

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