Tuesday, 17 April 2012

As an illustration, here's an analysis of one of my final edit masters after MVC profile 5 encoding - it shows the relative bit rates between the Base view and the Dependent view. So, as you can see, the overall bit rate is about 47mbs max, much higher than a profile 2 AVCHD would ever reach.
I guess we need to talk about basic 3D specifications for Blu-ray as well as file formats from current 3D camera's as well as the overall edit process, how to monitor what you are doing and output the correct file types for your needs.
So, to kick off, there are very few allowed formats for 3D BD - in fact 3.
1920x1080 23.976 fps progressive
1280x720 50fps progressive
1280x720 59.94 progressive
So if you live in PAL land, you need to consider the above - do you go for full raster at 24P or 720 at 50P? This only applies of course if you need to produce an industry standard BD at full data rates for best quality.
Here's a link to an early varispeed/temporal test I undertook, also has Magic Bullet Looks filter applied - there's the odd illegal shot too - exceeding the general view that a 3% maximum depth is acceptable -
Short varispeed test There's a wierd glitch part way in - a bit of a youtube thing from the encode I guess - original file uploaded was an SBS 720P mp4.
Preparing an extreme 3D slow motion test with Twixtor today.

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