Monday, 7 April 2014

GoPro v2.0 firmware Update - NO!!!!

If like me you were excited to see GoPro's release notes for the Hero 3+ which included things like manageable iso settings!! better control of detail settings and so on, you, like me probably rushed to install.

Great, start testing - high quality HDMI output showed the advantage of setting the iso max to 400 - reduced noise in darker settings - all good - so I started to shoot a few tests.

Upshot is that suddenly, without investing in Sandisk Extreme cards at $90 for 64gb you lose the 46mbs data record rate accross the board so the beautiful 2.7K wide images become noisy and display encoding artifacts - you are stuck with 35 mbs because the firmware now detects your card type and throttles accordingly.

Also I have trouble resolving the same exposure/colour/detail as with the 1.04 firmware - despite trying every combination of set-up available in the now extensive Protune settings list.

I spoke at length to GoPro engineering who say "tough shit buddy - you're stuck with it, and we do not offer a roll-back service."

I decided today to roll-back my camera or break it in the attempt.


 and download the version 1.04 drivers. Unpack and delete all files (3) marked with .10 suffix. Place the 3 files with .11 suffix in a folder called UDATE and place this folder on a clean micro sd card. 

These are the files that should be in the UPDATE folder:

Place a newly charged battery in you 3+, insert the sd card with the UPDATE folder and turn on the GoPro. Wait for it to finish update and voila, you are returned to lovely version 1.04.

I take NO RESPONSIBILTY if your camera is damaged in ANY way using the above procedure.

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