Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Video Noise Reduction

Neat Video Noise Reduction software is great, no doubt. You can find it here:

It plugs into loads of things - even Edius.

However, have you considered this? Magic Bullet Denoiser II ?

You can find some information here:

I'm afraid it doesn't plug into quite as many applications, and does not work
with Edius via the AE plugin bridge ....BUT...

give it some thought - as in my humble opinion, it is


it is also really fast now as it supports
GPU acceleration - so before
you follow the crowd, check out the 1.4 version of
Denoiser II

These samples come from a Sony EX1 35mbs. All are shown at 800% enlargement.
The sample frame is identical, noise reduction at default, both running in interlace mode
as the original was 50i.

original shot at 800%
after Neat 3 clean up

after Red Giant Denoiser II clean up

I find that the detail retention of Denoiser II is better, note the spider web looks smoother
with the Red Giant plug, but the detail is retained - I also find there is less in the way
of "plastic" colour characteristics with Denoiser II.

They are both undoubtedly very good tools.

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